Hartman Reunion Old Photos

Old photographs and postcards from family albums, old yearbooks, genealogy records and shoeboxes submitted by researchers like you.

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Photos from an album that belonged to: Mary Ann Wyeth Schroeder, born Nov. 29,1885, in Monongahela, PA, one of ten children of: George Benjamin McClellen and Elizabeth Hartman Wyeth.

David Hartman, born between 1798 and 1803 and census says Ohio even though family notes say, he was born in Rices Landing, PA. Elizabeth Maskell was born about 1809 in Rices Landing, PA.

Children of David and Elizabeth are as follows: Henry, John, William, Isaac, Samantha, Mary, Margarett, Edith and Lindsay who died in the civil war.

These children were born, we believe in Granville or Rices Landing area of PA. The home of David and Elizabeth is still standing in Granville, Pa., today.

Family Surnames names, that I know come from this Hartman family, that are mentioned in the family reunion newspaper clippings are:

Raymond and Eva Cowen, Mrs. William Frank or Franks, Munks, Luther and Maude Hartman Hank, Katherine Hartman Conley, Dorothy and son Williard King (Dorothy is listed as the great granddaughter of William Hartman), Pearl Conaway, Alice McDonald, Mercie Little, Dorothy, Millie and Anna Martin, Lavada Hudgen, Mary Edna and Goldie Plymire, Elizabeth Springer, Charles and Mamie Hartman Cole, Claude Miller, Elizabeth Hartman Wright, Ruth and Edgar Gillis, Luther Orris, Rose Hayes, Rosella and Helen Hughes, Romaine Wyeth Buchanan, Wyeth, Schroeder.

Given names of various Hartman's listed on some of the pictures or clippings are: Harold, Joseph, Frank, Dennis Jr., Frank L., Harry D., E.J., Genevieve, Maime, George, Avery, Amos, Doris, P. Floyd, Alice, Lloyd, Van S., Charles, Thomas and Mary.

Please also check the Ella Rosa McCombs Ryan Collection of unknown photographs, as some of these could be related to this family, as the pictures were mixed in a box, making it unknown which family they might belong to.

Do you recognize anyone? Are you connected to this family? Please let me know.