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Miami Beach, FL High School 1936 Basketball Team

Miami Beach, FL High School 1936 Basketball Team

Kneeling, from left to right: Arthur Baida, Jack Orr, Bob Powell, Jack Borel, Glenn Wallace

Standing: Coach J. Clement McGuire, Daniel Hang, B. Drury, Jimmy Drury, Jack Strother, Arthur James, Sol Fordon - manager

Charles Murphy was absent when this photo was taken.

Photo from the 1936 Typhoon Yearbook of Miami High School.

Texas Tech 1937 Basketball Team

Texas Tech 1937 Basketball Team

Top Row: Coach Berl Huffman, John Henderson, T. F. Bain, A. E. Cloyd, Charley Barnard, Dayton McWhorter.

Second Row: Coleman Williams, Rex Williams, G. L. Webb, Sam Garrison, Red Ramsey, Harris Cheek.

Bottom Row: Powell McCreary, F. M. Sachse, Paul Morris, Truman Neal, Elmer Tarbox, Dudley Akin.

Photo from the 1937 Texas Tech Yearbook

Ashtabula, OH High School 1943-44 Choir

Ashtabula, OH High School 1943-44 Choir

First row: Master, Jean Huey, Laura Little, G. Penna, P. Pedro, V. Puglliese, T. Candela, G. Colucci, Irene Silvaggio, De Anna

Second row: Donna Hadlock, Myrtle Farr, Melanoff, Capitena, Patricia Candela, Frances Severa, Miss Johnson, Jane Mills, M. Ferritto, Betty Colucci, Mary Jeannne Travis, Dolores Prisco, Marilyn McGarvey

Third row: Eleanor Wagner, Ronald Varckette, Adolph Colucci, J. Grippe, Carmen Penna, Fred Savarise, Sam Orlando, Eugene Rose, F. Varckette, Bowdler, R. Rose, De Pascale, Josephine Pugliese, Marie Rose

Fourth row: B. Howe, Lynne Ritchie, Charles Sanborn, Froelich, Jack Woodworth, Kelly Di Donato, Nick Orsuto, Monda, T. Guerini, Julius Lukas, Harry Macy, Dick Bartholomew, Jean Urban, Betty Sunagel

Not in photo Dominic Barbato, Jack Hogan, Herbert Johnson.

Photo from the 1944 Dart Yearbook of Ashtabula High School.

Louisa Cooley Wilson with two unknown ladies

Louisa Cooley Wilson with two unknown ladies

My Great-Grandmother, Louisa Cooley-Wilson,daughter of Samuel and Sophia Shanaberger Cooley. She married Jacob Wilson in 1884, and together they had two sons: Franklin Lewis Wilson (my grandfather) and Thomas Perry Wilson.

Louisa is standing in the center of the photo flanked by two unknown ladies.

She lived and died in Fairchance - Haydentown, PA.

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