Jonesboro, Arkansas High School Class of 1915

Jonesboro, Arkansas High School Class of 1915

In the class (and probably in the photograph): Ben Young - class president, Ben Shaufelberger - vice president, Harriett Brown - secretary, Charles Lutterloh - treasurer, Thelma Meyer, Myrtle Lindley, Eunice Patrick, Jim Tom Acre, Selma Lindley, Jewell Smith, Edna Stull, Guy Barnett, Bessie Stamper, Dot Williams, Gladys Rankin, Freeman Knight, Frances Watson, Mary Montague, Jerusha Barton, Lois Barrett, Ella Clements, Mary Cone, James Nesbitt, Dorothy Diamant, Nettie Dobbins, Patsy Falk, Doris Goldstein, Sadie Jones, Powell Stamper

Photo from The Echo, Senior Edition, May 1914

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