Vandeventer, Alexander Spottswood


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Have James Spotswood Pepper, b 1883 in Coshocton co., Ohio named for grandfather James Spotswood Corder b. 1837 in Virginia; son of Joseph Corder b 1805 in Farquier co. Va.

Looking for Spotswood connection.

thank you.

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I believe the Spotswood connection comes from the British Governor of Virginia

Posted by David Van Deventer (not verified) on 31 July 2010 - 6:10pm
Tazewell College history


Here is additional information about the Tazewell Academy, Tennessee.

"Although a few attended a school opened at Yoakum's Station in the Powell Valley in 1820, most children of the early Tazewell settlers received no formal education until Walter Evans opened a small school in 1822. Michael Miles, the teacher at Yoakum Station, and Evans collaborated in the writing of text books. In 1835 a boys' academy opened in Tazewell near the town spring, but the Tazewell Female Academy was not organized until 1854. In 1856 Tazewell Academy was raised to the rank of college."


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Alexander Spotswood Vandeventer


A S Vandeventer1 (William V) b Nov 9, 1840, had a 1st cousin also named Alexander Spotswood Vandeventer 2 (Jesse V) b Mar 28, 1841. Both were born in Lee Co, Virginia.

ASV1 wound up in Arkansas and ASV2 in Oklahoma Territory. So I think it is likely that ASV2is the US Marshall in Indian Territory. He died in Mountain View, OK.

There were two Tazewell Colleges. One in Virginia and the other in Tennessee.

Tazewell College, Tazewell, Tazewell Co, Virginia did not open until 1890.



There was also a Tazewell College, Tazewell, Claiborne Co, Tennessee. The College was originally called Tazewell Academy.

William Graham came to America along with his relatives, purchased land and made his home near Tazewell. He lived a bachelor throughout his life. He was greatly interested in education and handled the funds that were used in building Tazewell College**. In 1841 he died at the ripe old age of three score and sixteen. "

It is possible the Tazewell Academy was opened prior to 1841.

It was later chartered on Feb 21, 1856 by the Tennessee State Legislature and renamed as Tazewell College.


If an ASV attended Tazewell College, the Tennessee location is the logical choice. Which of the two ASVs attended, I have no idea.

Thanks for the photo and information!


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Fort Smith Records

I found the recordsof the Deputy United States Marshall,s who served at fort smith but they list his name incorrect ly they have the name as Vanderventer A.J. instead of A.S.Vandeventer. the original list was hand written and I believe they misinterpreted the written name. It would be a shame for the National Parks Museum for the U.S.Marshalls at Fort Smith to list it incorrectly.

Posted by Frank Vandeventer (not verified) on 9 April 2008 - 2:53pm