Gerdes, Ludwig H. (Louis) and family

Gerdes, Ludwig H. (Louis) and family

Ludwig (Louis) Gerdes
born 24 Aug 1841 in Franklin Co., MO
died 09 Feb 1911 in Franklin Co., MO
married Franzcisca Bolte on 23 Apr 1863
married Maria Elizabeth Sickendick on 24 Oct 1866
married Carolina Wilhelmine Osiek on 21 Nov 1867

Louis and Franzcisca had Heinrich August Gerdes
Louis and Maria had August Peter Henry Gerdes (later of Lafe, Greene Co., AR)

Louis and Carolina had:
Catherina Wilhelmina Charlotte Gerdes
Wilhelm Heinrich "Billy" Gerdes (later of Lafe, Greene Co., AR)
Heinrich Eduard Gerdes
Freidrich Wilhelm Reinhard "Fritz" Gerdes

Pictured are:
Louis H. Gerdes (seated)
Carolina Osiek Gerdes (seated)
August Peter Henry Gerdes (standing behind father)
Wilhelm Heinrich "Billy" Gerdes (to father's right)
Heinrich Eduard Gerdes (between father and mother)
Friedrich Wilhelm "Fritz" Gerdes (on mother's lap)
Catherina Wilhelmina Gerdes (behind mother)

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