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Lafe School Class Photo

Lafe School Class Photo

This is photo of Lafe School, Lafe, Greene Co, AR probably around 1936-37?

Front Row:
B.T. Hatch
Cleve Wood
Eddie Miller
Lawrence Jackson
Dwight Barnes
Eugene Stephens
Samuel Lewis
Dale Harris
Bobby McDonald
Edward Jackson

Row Two
Berneice Craig-Cunningham
Hattie Mae Jackson-Puckett
? Lockheart
Alice Lloyd
Lois Phillips
Rozella Bell
Louise Taylor
Juanita Williams
Vivian McDonald
Nina Meyers-Wagner
Janola Norton

Row Three
J.D. Shepherd
Willis Davis
Huey (Hughe) Betts
Wilma Davis
Mary Helton
Norwood Helton
Raymond Valentine
Delbert Eaker

Opal Newell
Nolan D. ?

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