Ramer's School Photo

Ramer's School Photo

This is a photo of Ramer's Chapel School on the day they got a new merry-go-round. The young lady to the far right is Mildred Catherine Stephens Gerdes. This is probably late 1940's early 1950's

Wanda Ruby Lee Stephens
Lola Grace Reed (necklace, future wife of Raymond Wyatt)
Evaline Wyatt (cousin of Raymond)
Burdell Ramer (nephew of Evaline)
Loretta Stephens (later Smith)
Wilma Reed (sister of Lola Grace)
Loretta Wyatt (blond, stiped blouse)
Mildred Catherine Stephens (later Gerdes)

Next Row:
Raymond Wyatt
Thelbert Reed (overalls)
Harold Reed
Naomi Gibbs (sitting real low, looks small)
Velma Stephens

Center Back:
Lenford Arnold

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