Aulabaugh women

Aulabaugh women

I am not related. Bought this photo of two girls, at an Eastern WV flea market in May 2011. " Ida & Lottie Aulabaugh " handwritten on back. Carrollton developement location on front.

Aulabaugh sisters

What a fascinating find! ida Aulabaugh is my great-grandmother. She grew up near Morgantown, West Virginia, but after the Civil War moved to Hettick, Illinois, where she married a Burrell. None of my family members have ever seen an image of Ida or her sister. Thank you so much for posting it!


Chris Coover

Ida Aulabaugh photo

Hi Chris,

I am so glad to find a family member that has a strong tie to this photo. I have posted dozens that I buy at area flea markets and you are the first to link to one. If you will take good care of it, saving it for future generations I will be glad to send the origional to you for free. You can email me your mailing address as I have added my email to this. My goal in buying these is to save them from decaying in wet boxes and reuniting with family.


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