Theophiel Janssens Family

Theophiel Janssens Family

Sitting from left to right:

Julie Wauters (1865-1952), mother

Helene Janssens (1907-1975), daughter

Theophiel Janssens (1862-1930), father, holding a bakkery

Standing from left to right:

George Janssens (1898-1976), son

Cyriel Janssens (1887-1944), son

Maurice Janssens (1894-1929), son

Achille Janssens (1889-1947), son

The family lived at that time in Overmere, Belgium

Photo taken shortly after World War I, about 1919.

Submitted by Stefaan Duym, great grandson of Theophiel Janssens and grandson of Achille Janssens

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