Stockton, CA High School Faculty 1917-18

Stockton, CA High School Faculty 1917-18

Faculty Roster: Noel H. Garrison - principal, W. F. Ellis Jr. - vice principal, E. H. Ridenour - vice principal, Mary N. Minta - vice principal

Languages: Minerva U. Howell, Adelle Howell, Alice McInnes, Lily Cliberon, Lucy Osborn, Mattie Z. Bell, Georgia Dell McCoy, Mary Coman, Antoinette Knowles, J. J. Barrett, Barbara Letitia Lauxen, Mary N. Minta, Grace Alvarado, Marie Chase, J. G. Iliff, W. F. Ellis Jr.

Mathematics: John S. Reed, Asa L. Caulkins, Lucia Keniston, C. W. Kitt

History: J. G. Iliff, Georgia Del McCoy, Lucy Osborne, Barbara Letitia Lauxen

Science: F. S. Stockton, H. F. Snook, Asa L. Caulkins, Homer S. Toms

Commercial: E. H. Ridenour, L. D. Barzee, B. F. Duff, W. C. Kitt, Clyde Blanchard, Aloys Daly, Emma J. Johnson, O. U. Wilson

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