1944 San Diego Platoon 661 US Marine Corps

1944 San Diego Platoon 661 US Marine Corps

The title says it all. Al Nitschke is in here,

platoon 696 san diego 1944

just scored an old bootcamp picture mine is platoon 696 maybe your men and mine trained and went to combat with each other.

platoon 661

My Dads in there . Front row at the end . ( right side while your facing the photo . PFC Daniel Z Vasquez . Shortest man in the platoon however , carried a B.A.R and brought home a purple heart .
Pop just passed away Aug. 2012 ' he was 86


My father was a Korean War Marine. He said the Marines always made the smallest man in the fire team the BAR man because they made the smallest target.

Small soldiers Big Guns

Thanks Larry , and because that was told by a Marine I'ts probably true. When Dad told the story he said that the BAR was issued to him because in boot camp he won a marksman pin. It is a fact that the Japs targeted the BAR-men.

BAR men

Thanks Larry' What your Dad said is true. The Japs did target the BAR-men. When Dad told the story he said he was issued the BAR after being awarded a Marksman pin in boot camp. Either way, all those guys in Platoon 661 had big balls.

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