Stockton, CA High School Faculty 1920-21

Stockton, CA High School Faculty 1920-21

On the faculty and probably in the photograph: Noel H. Garrison - principal, Edwin J. Berringer - vice principal, Alice McInnes - vice principal and dean of girls, Minerva U. Howell, Adelle Howell, Lucy E. Osborn, Ovena Larson, Anne L. Harris, Ann Williams, Carrie D. Wright, Mary Coman, Lydia Lothrop, Daisy Newby, Charles D. Whyte, John G. Iliff, Florence D. Diment, Georgie Dell McCoy, John S. Reed, Alice Tyler, Lucia N. Keniston, Emma F. Hawkins, J. C. Corbett, Mary E. McGlothlin, Asa L. Caulkins, H. J. Snook, Elizabeth Montgomery, Amy Pahl, Holland Frazee, Andrew C. Blossom, Laurance N. Pease, R. W. Decker, Flora De Velbiss, Emma J. Johnson, Mrs. A. Decker, C. W. Kitt, B. F. Duff, Elizabeth Miller, V. Edgar Solvason, A. R. Reelhorn, E. Ira Van Gilder, Jessie H. Coleman, Lily Cliberson, Floyd R. Love, E. L. Pister, Iva Perry, Ira L. Van Vlear, Edwin D. Comer, Alexander N. Davies, J. H. Harrison, Charles Libhart, Harry B. Lenz, Harriet M. Keating, Florence L. Gondring, Constance Post, Ada E. Alexander, J. C. Cave, Florence L. Graves, Lucile Halwick.

Part-time teachers who may be in the photograph: Howard A. Campion, Alma M. Poole, Alvin H. Eilert

Staff who may be in the photograph: Homer S. Toms, Mildred Smith, Marie K. Wright, Gertrude Robbins, Lillien Eberhard, Clara Nassano, William M. Estes, W. H. Nevins, Thomas F. Ford, Frank Turner, Richard McNamara, Gerhard Reimers

Photo from the 1921 Guard and Tackle Yearbook of Stockton High School

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