Barnum Novian

Barnum Novian

This is Barnum Novian. Not really shure on the lady and two children. We are asumming it is is first wife Elsie Immel,Archie P. Novian and Vera Pauline Novian. My father-in-law Johnny Ray Novian had this picture. Since he has passed i felt in his memory these pictures needed to be seen by any of the Novian's or is doing the Novian name.

Novian Family

Thank you for posting this photo of Barnum Novian. I have a family page at Ancestry and like to add photos to it when I can..if you would like invite to view my me.

Not Barnum Novian

My name is Pat Swan my mom is LeEtta Novian. (Barnum's Daughter)
This is a picture of my great grandmother Lilly Rhodes and her husband Jim Rhodes, his people were from England. Barnum married Lilly Rhodes daughter, Mary Irene Rhodes. (who is my grandmother)

Pat this is Johnny Novian

Pat this is Johnny Novian Jr. wife and John Sr. told me this is his Dad Barnum Novian and his first wife Elsie Immel and that is what is on the back of the pic.

I would like that Faye.

I would like that Faye. Thank You

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