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Mae Kehoe Ferrall

Mae Kehoe Ferrall

Mae Kehoe Ferrall, wife of James Ferrall, in Brooklyn NY around the turn of the century or within a few years afterwards. Mae Kehoe was actually born in Canada, while her family was en route from Ireland to the United States in the 1870s. They settled in New York. She married James Ferrall, whose grandfather had come from Ireland in 1847 and established a moving business in Brooklyn called Ferrall's Moving and Storage.

James and Mae actually had nine children together, but only four children lived: Edward, Bessie, Philip, and William. Two sets of twins and one single birth died as infants, probably prematurely. A relative once overheard Mae telling someone that the babies were so small that they could have fit into a shoebox.

Perhaps because of the heartbreak of losing these five babies, Mae never wanted her other children to marry and move away. Hence, Edward and Bessie, both remained single all their lives. Philip did marry Agnes Slayne and they had five children together: Mary, Agnes, Philip, Anne, and Joseph. Mae's youngest son, William J. Ferrall actually married also, but his mother didn't know about it -- he maintained two residences, and it wasn't until a birth announcement for their third child was sent to the wrong address that Mae found out that her son was married.

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