Oak Creek, CO High School Class of 1955

Oak Creek, CO High School Class of 1955

Photographed when they were sophomores in 1953.

Top Row: John Courtney, Tony Valdez, Jack Sullivan, Edmond Chevalier, James Roope, James Stetson, Edward Powell, Elwin Powell, John Yurich.

Middle Row: Mr. Marvin Newby, Matt Alvarez, Mario Karzon, Virginia Herold, Ida Doyle, Sophie Klaich, Carma Coyner, Donald Hunter, George Hixon, Joe Slobko

Third Row: Margaret Cedillo, Grace Zamudio, Beverly Van Wert, Helen Perich, Shirley Leal, Jolene Daugherty, Barbara Daniels, Teddy Dunckley, Donna Dean Fitzhugh

Photo from the 1953 Miner Yearbook of Oak Creek High School

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