Gunnery School, Washington, Connecticut 1929 Football Team

Gunnery School, Washington, Connecticut 1929 Football Team

Probably in the photograph - William Hamilton Gibson III - football captain, Carl Edward Anderson, Edward Clark Bill, John Marshall Lockwood, Kent Kane Parrot Jr, Heman Judson Pettengill III, Franklin Duryea Smith, Lyman Austin Spalding, Trowbridge Callaway Jr., Richard Storrs Barnes II, Ralph Eugene Herendeen Jr., Walter Abbott Conley Jr., Adrian Van Sinderen, Francis Hopkinson Van Deventer, Russell Buddington Stoddard, Carl Thurston Goepel - football manager, Mr. P. F. Cruikshank - Coach, Mr. D. S. Colt - Asst Coach, Henry Willets Underhill Jr.- manager elect.

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