Bloomfield, Connecticut High School Class of 1930

Bloomfield, Connecticut High School Class of 1930

Photographed when they were freshmen in 1927.

Class Roster (and probably in the photograph): Helen Avery, Walter Backman, Peter Banfield, Mitchell Betters, Adriel Bidwell, Russell Brooks, George Brown, Paul Cardalico, Robert Case, Elsie Christensen, Henry Ciszek, Catherine D'Engenis, Weiant Dunn, Christine Ferranti, Margaret Fuss, William Fuss, Walter Gostyla, Wesley Gove, Robert Harper, Dorothy Herbert, Stanley Johnson, Evelyn Lihou, Elinor Lilja, Elizabeth Linske, Nicholas Maselli, Joseph McCormick, Fred Miller, Robert Miller, Gladys Nelsen, Arnold Newberg, Earl Nielsen, Barney Petraitis, Mary Pieniak, Grace Pinney, Alma Robbins, Viola Saraceno, Henry Smith, Edward Vincent, Olive Weidig, David Weisher, Marjorie Wells, Elizabeth Willoughby, William Willoughby

Photo from the 1927 The Tattler Yearbook of Bloomfield High School

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