Rev. Stephen Batcheller Bachiler of Wherewell, Hampshire, England


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coat of arms for stephen bachiler

I'm sorry, but there is such confusion over this drawing. The Reverend Stephen Bachiler did not have a coat of arms, being an orphan and of humble origins. I doubt if he would have aspired to nobility considering his humble dedication to his calling as a missionary and church planter.

This is a drawing by Victor Sanborn done in 1899. It is just one of several attempts that have been made to illustrate the coat of arms devised by Sylvanus Morgan in memory of Stephen Bacheler after the Reverends death. It was included in a 4 volume set on heraldry.

The plow was both a metaphor for his spiritual calling and a symbol for the Plough Company, of which he was a member. The Co attempted a free colony, Lygonia, in the colony of Maine. He was to be the minister. It failed, but his accomplishments in the colonies are legendary. This link I found can better explain the original design that was never illustrated, and if you scroll down, the author of the article offers his own drawing that he thinks would have been more to the liking of this practical and simple man.
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Posted by ancientplanters on 9 May 2012 - 3:31pm