Jim Donaldson and daughters


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Uncle Jim was married to

Uncle Jim was married to Maria Rathbone daughter of Philander Rathbone.
Philander Rathbone was Addie Burrows step father. Addie's mother-Margaret Ackerman was married to Philander.

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Ada Evelina Brewer

I jsut looked through the family tree and found that Ada Brewer married Jim Donaldson's son Rueben James Donaldson. The couple lived in Sundance, Wyoming.

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Jim Donaldson and daughters.

This photo is of James Donaldson born 31 July 1938. His parents were Robert Donaldson and Agnes Jackson. My records show that James married Charlotte Rathbone and not Maria??? They had three children:

Rueben Donaldson.
Lillian Donaldson who married Ewing.
Elinor "known as Ella" Donaldson.

I would love to receive copies of these photos and learn more.
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Joan Brown Leathem
Santiago, Chile
My husband's grandmother was Jessie Donaldson
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