Middle Aged Gentleman

Middle Aged Gentleman

"Rescued" from Antiques & More, Navy Blvd., Pensacola FL. Nice old photo card of middle-aged man in suit. Embossed on front beneath photograph is "Tom Mack, The Hamilton Studio, Cromer." Penciled on back is "Bob, August 1910, 30." Unknown where picture was made; possibly in Michigan. Can you find him a home?

Cromer Photograph

Thomas Mack was a photographer based in Cromer, Norfolk, England. I am from England and I have copies of photo's of my forebears taken at his studio - but the man here isn't related.

Robin Witting

Mack Studios

Thank you for your comment; it's interesting to find out anything on these old photographs I've "rescued"!!!

Wishing you a bright New Year,

Photo taken Mack's Studio

It just occurred to me: what if you emailed Cromer Museum? You never know, they may be able to identify this chap>

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