Henry Thornton Maddox


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Henry Thornton Maddox

Henry Thornton Maddox was my maternal grandfather. My mom is still living. She is going to be so excited when I call her and tell her that I've seen all your submitted photos of her Aunt Tilden, Aunt Mattie, Uncle Willie, and other family members. I've never seen any of those photos...only this one of my granddaddy. and I do have a copy of the family photo, but we all thought it was taken in Hazlehurst, GA, but the comment says it was taken in Conyers. Tell me more....we've tried to put names on some of the people in the photo so I may be able to help you if I can find what box I've temporarily put all that in. I'm trying to discover how you and I are related. I've heard mama talk so much through the years about all of her family, and I take her to the Douglas cemetery at least once a year when I get out of school to see her mama's, daddy's, and other family members' graves. I am looking so forward to hearing from you and am so excited right now that I can hardly stand it! Bernard Stowers came to a Maddox reunion once or twice if I remember correctly.
Milva Bennett Knight

Posted by Milva (not verified) on 14 April 2008 - 3:24pm