Friedrich Lorz

Friedrich Lorz

Friedrich Lorz, b. Mursbach, Bavaria, Germany, 18 Jul 1860, d. Meadville, PA, 17 Mar 1954.

Married Mary Louisa Albaugh in Meadville, PA 11 May 1886.

Father of Cyril Francis Lorz, one of 12 children.

my greatgrandfather

This is my great grandfather. The only thing I remember about him is being scared of him. He visited his daughter-in-law, Jean Lorz and there was a big family gathering. He of course spoke with a German accent and
also walked with a cane, dressed in a suit, etc., a little out of the ordinary for Tonasket WA. I, along with several cousins hid under the picnic table that had a tablecloth hanging down. Great grandfather poked his cane
under the table at us, in fun I am sure, but we were all scared of this stranger. As you most likely know, Jean Lorz had 10 children fathered by Cornelius Lorz, who died an untimely death before the last child was born.

How exciting to find this web page. I can tell a lot of work went into it.

Thank you,

Karen McDaniel Harkin

Great Great Grandpa

I just want to know how great great grandpa's Mustache gene has continued to be dominant in the family

My Great-great-grandfather :)

I am looking into my family's history and finding this picture is so awesome! I can see the family resemblance from him to my Grampa, Kenneth Lorz. This is so neat.

Pictures help the past come alive...

This is incredible! My grandfather: Fred Lorz, great-grandfather: Cornelius Lorz, and great-great-grandfather: Frederich Lorz.

Thanks to the tireless work of others, I'm able to look into my family's past with a few mouse clicks.

I'm very appreciative to have access to these photos and information.

My grandfather would often lament over the early passing of his father. My grandfather's stories of that time had special meaning to me. I miss our discussions!

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