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Henry's birthdate and date of death is actually listed in the caption as charlotte's birthdate and date of death. but they did get married in 1866. Henry was actually born in 1837 and died in 1922. Little is known about his siblings.

Posted by harlan gerdes (not verified) on 5 October 2008 - 12:48am
Henry's siblings

From what I've been given, the siblings are: Katharina Wilhelmina Charlotte Gerdes, born 2/23/1827 in Germany, died 4/23/1911 in Lyon, Franklin County, MO.; married Johann Bernhard Mueller who was born 4/25/1816 and died 9/8/1906 in Franklin County, MO.

Then, I have Francis Gerdes, born 10/16/1830, died 5/12/1916; married Peter Obernier from Alsace Lorraine, Germany on 12/21/1854.

Next, was Henry, married to Charlotte.

Then, Ludwig H. "Louis" Gerdes born 8/24/1831 in Franklin County, MO. and died 2/9/1911 in Lyon, Franklin County, MO.; married Friedrika Franciska Bolte on 4/23/1863 in Boeuf Creek, Franklin County, MO. She was born 7/20/1838 and died 3/27/1864.

I also have Mary Gerdes, married to John Kraft on 12/28/1856 in Franklin County, MO.

Finally, I have an unidentified female.

Carol E.

Posted by cdbe54 on 5 October 2008 - 2:04pm

Thanks, most of that adds up, I have both Henry and Charlottes obituaries somewhere in the blogs on my homepage, are one of the people that you listed in my reply your ancestors?

Posted by Harlan K. Gerdes (not verified) on 4 February 2009 - 7:28am

Yes, mine are Ludwig and Maria Sickendick. She died in childbirth with my Great-Grandfather August P.H. Gerdes. He married Louise Kappelman and they moved to northeast Arkansas.

Posted by ark30inf on 7 February 2009 - 1:33pm
Burial Place

Henry and Charlotte's burial place is in the Bouef Lutheran Church cemetery in New Haven, MO. And Henry's father Franz Gerdes is also buried there, but his tombstone is more obscure and harder to find. I found it by accident when I was a teenager. Franz was born in 1801 and died in 1880 according to the tombstone.

Posted by Harlan Gerdes (not verified) on 27 October 2009 - 10:07pm