Gerdes Family and Spouses

Gerdes Family and Spouses

This photo taken at Lafe, Greene Co, AR
Children of August Peter Henry Gerdes and Louise Kappelman and spouses identified to the best of our ability

Row One Left To Right
1) Theodore Brune
2) Mary Carry Anna Gerdes Brune
3) Ida Gerdes Scheer
5) Helene (Lena) Gerdes Imholz
6) Ollie Pearl Brown Gerdes

Row Two Left To Right
2) Paul Edward Scheer
6) Louis Heinrich Carl Gerdes

Row 1 starts with Eitel

Row 1 starts with Eitel Imholz (my father), next Lena Imholz. Mary Brune is fifth over (her and Lena do look similar) and behind her is her husband Ted Brune

7th over in row 1 is Emma

7th over in row 1 is Emma Tritch, behind her is husband Arthur.

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