Lakeland Insane Asylum Anchorage, KY

Lakeland Insane Asylum   Anchorage, KY

Lakeland Insane Asylum, Anchorage, KY Jefferson county. Torn down years ago. Used to house mentally ill and others who had no place to go. My Grandfather and a Half-uncle lived there for years and passed away in the 30's.


Would like to know if there are records any where on the patients that were there. I have been told my grandmothers first husband was a resident there, an also died there. Can't find a death date or burial for him. His name was Robert Lee Jeffries. Wife was Kitty (Goodman) Jeffries.

Lakeland hospital

I have never heard of any patient records for the patients of the old hospital. All I have is a death cert of my grandfather.

Patient records

What records remain are located at the hospitals current location on LaGrange road here in Anchorage KY, next to the original grounds. Central State Mental Hospital. I don't have a Jefferies in my list of death certificates but that doesn't mean they don't have one for him. Good luck with your search.

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