Belvidere, Illinois High School Class of 1928

Belvidere, Illinois High School Class of 1928

Photographed when they were Juniors in 1927.

In the class (and probably in the photograph):

Ira Ackerman, Roy Ackerman, Donald, Askin, Esther Atwood, Edwin Baker, Evelyn Barney, Virginia Berry, Florence Bounds, La Verne Brown, Clark Bryden, Ina Burton, Helen Carver, Nelson Cole, Glen Conklin, Joseph Conwell, William Corson, Nina Culver, Alyce Cutler, Harold Daniels, William Early, Ilo Emerson, Vivian Erickson, Leonard Gamlin, Catherine Garrigan Vivian Gibeaut, Helen Grow, Mark Grendlund, Mary Haffey, Willma Harned, Lillian Herbert, Blanche Hill, Mary Hoode, Darwin Huber, Marion Jamieson, Lloyd Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Edward Jones, Margaret Kampfranz, Ruth Keating, Dorothy Kock, Grace Koeneke, Doris Lawrence, Marion Leinbach, Leo Lewis, Alice Little, Dan Magee, Helen May, Kenneth McCoy, Rose McKeown, Glen Miller, Harold Moore, Leon Moss, Hazel Pierce, Kathryn Ray, Boyd Richart, Gus Ritter, Mildred Rydbom, Mary Carol Sanford, Floyd Schwartz, Charles Shattuck, Merrill Shattuck, Edith Sheley, Verna Silvius, Daisy Smith, Helen Somerville, Warren Updike, Marjorie Van Epps, Helen Vincent, Jessie Weir, Richard Weld, Helen Wickwire, Allen Willetts, Clifton Willis, Dorothy Zeyher

Photo from the 1927 Belvi Yearbook of Belvidere High School

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