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3 generations from Greene co, IL

3 generations from Greene co, IL

3 generations left Beatrice Newingham, middle, Anna Lee Darringer- Beatrice daughter, and right Carrie McGinnis - Beatrice Newingham-Darringer's Mother. Lived in Greene Co, Roodhouse, IL
Carrie Mcginnis married Rudy Kasner and he passed away she went on to marry Frederick Alphonso Newingham, son of Hiran and Martha Coons, Fred was born 7/9/1878 and died 1/15/1945 and he is buried in Fernwood Cemetery, Roodhouse, IL Beatrice died and believe she is buried in the same cemetery. Beatrice had many children by William Darringer, Charles, William, Shirley, Arlene, Marlene(twins) 2 babies that did not live but a month and my mother Anna Lee Darringer who married Thomas Raymond Rogers and lived in St. Charles MO until her death and she is buried with her husband in St. Charles Memorial Gardens.

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