Joliet Junior College, Joliet, Illinois 1938 Baseball Team

Joliet Junior College, Joliet, Illinois 1938 Baseball Team

Front row, sitting: ___ Bagnell, ___ Duncan, Richard McHugh, William A. Knowles, Ed Sosnoski

Middle row, kneeling: Ray McGrath, Clarence Rimke, ___ Pedegrift, ___ Krumpoch

Back row, standing: ___ Denovellis, Paul Michael Deiss, ___ Zajac, Coach A. A. Wills, George Wellman, ___ Powell

Photo from the 1938 yearbook of Joliet Junior College

I think the player in the

I think the player in the first row is my father Robert "Red " Bagnell.
He went to JJC. Also, I knew he played basketball at JJC before the
war. This is a picture I never saw before this link popped up.

JJC baseball

Hello Richard,
My name is Linda Permann and I am the granddaughter to Fizz Wills, the basketball and baseball coach that your father would have played for.
I have emailed the person who submitted this photo but have not heard back in several weeks, causing me to write to you.
I am researching my ancestry and thought I'd ask if you have any personal photos with Coach Wills in them? If so I would love to see them!
With the help of a wonderful staff at the college, I have received a copy of an old article written in 1976 with several team photos in it. I would love to send it on to you if you would be interested.
Thanks for any help,

A. A. Wills

I have photos of A. A. Wills and his family that I would like to share with the Longs or Wills.

AA "Fizz" Wills

Hello and thank you for the photo you posted of the 1938 JJC baseball team. Coach Fizz Wills was my maternal grandfather. My mother was Beverly Jean Wills.
I have been searching for information about my grandfather with little luck, other than tracing him to the College.
I would very much appreciate any photos or information you could send to me.
Thank you so much, I am excited to 'meet' you!
Linda Sue Permann

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