Petersburg Harris High School, Petersburg, Illinois Junior Class 1934

Petersburg Harris High School, Petersburg, Illinois Junior Class 1934

The Class of 1935 when they were juniors.

Front row: Catherine Owen, Leota Pantier, Theresa Tebrugge, Mary Louise Geriets, Helen Pritchell, Marian Wahl, Gladys Ortgessen, Mary Helen Goff, Dolores Thomas, Betty Jean Rigdon, Helen Jones, Freda Skaggs, Doris Koontz, Mary Katherine Rosendahl, Anna Mae Davidson, Mary Lou Enchenauer.

Middle row: George Guinan, Bill Antle, John Greene, Bill Small, John Schirding, Esther Thomas, Bernadette Fulton, Hermina Wilms, Martha Hollis, Barbara Maras, Kathryn Bast, Jack Lane, Jack Satorius, Herschel Hollis, Richard Shipley, John Grossboll, Robert McDonald.

Back row: Dale Koontz, Kenneth Hind, Edward Altig, Gerald Stier, Martin Grosboll, Scott Porter, Everett Keithley, Harry Gordon, Wilfred Godbey, Roy Robbins, Frank Menichetti, Vincent Worthington, Frank Hodgen, John Eades, Joe Wagoner.

Photo from the 1934 Sphinx yearbook of Petersburg Harris High School

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