St. Philip Neri, Indianapolis, IN Grade School Graduation 1935

St. Philip Neri, Indianapolis, IN Grade School Graduation 1935

Grade school graduation photograph for St. Philip Neri in Indianapolis, Indiana, May 1935. On the back of the original was written the names for all the girls, but I do not have the name of the priest or the boys.

Row 1: Mary Goches, Marjaret Mokler, Betty Kervan, Dorothy McCurdy, Katherine Killilea, Eileen Casey, Joseph Zairey (sp?)

Row 2: Marie Hartman, Peggy Flynn, Mary Helen Neff, Lillian Grieh, Dorothy Dalton

Row 3: Irma Barnhorst, Joan Patrick, Mary Bultman, Betty Sehr, Eileen Roth, Mary Anges O'Gara

Row 4: Patricia Seay, Marjorie Mahler, Betty Sering, Alice Escott, Pauline Cox
Row 5: Mary Krier, Kathleen Cleary, Mary Schaeffer, Rosemary Carrigan, Ruth Ittenback, Mildred Pope

Row 6: Rosemary Wolsiffer, Anna Ekey, Mary Schredagger, Katherine McGinley, Ruth Krame

Row 7: Margaret Taylor, Laverne Walton, Mary Alice Rapp, Jean Gaffrey, Mary Young, Amelia Boyler

Row 8: Rita Schumacker, Majorie Lackey, Gisela Spiegel, Florince Salmon, Marjorie Stroud

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