Moerlein's Beer Dealership, Richmond, IN abt 1910

Moerlein's Beer Dealership, Richmond, IN abt 1910

Moerlein's Beer Dealership--This is a guess, but I think the picture was taken around 1910. Richmond, Indiana. Owner was Hugh Parks Taylor, born in Ohio in January of 1858. In the photograph, we see him pictured in front of his dealership with his son, William Lloyd Taylor (born in Wapakoneta, Ohio on February 11, 1894), labeled as a “helper,” Henry Knott, the bartender, and Oscar Lang, another helper. Indeed, one of William Taylor's daughters remembers that he drove Hugh’s kegs from the store to the pubs before he met and married her mother, Rose Mercurio Taylor (born in Richmond, Indiana in Sept, 1897, daughter of Frank (Francesco) and Paulina (Paola) Mercurio, who immigrated from Termini-Imerese, Sicily around the year 1890).

Moerlein beer dealership photo in Richmond, In.

Two of the men named in this photo are my grandfather and great uncle. I am very interested in having a copy of the original photograph and, of course, would be willing to pay for it.

Would it be possible for Lynn Schofield to contact me in regard to this picture?

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Marcia Knott Ohmit

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