Graduation Class Public School No. 52, Indianapolis 1921

Graduation Class Public School No. 52, Indianapolis 1921

Graduation Class, June 1921, Public School No. 52., Indianapolis, Indiana

First row: Gertrude Soeurt, Vianna Duncan, Evelyn Sights, Evelyn Wehrley, Mary Lohrmann, Bessie Hill, Dorothy Myers, Leone Dubief, Bessie Hoover, Hazel Betts and Corinne Lehr.

Second row: Martin Engelhart, Ruth Matheny, Loyse Boswell, Rose Oslos, Frances Reed, Madge Krieger, Bessie (Esther?) Drake, Harriett Thicksten, Madge Miller, Marie Workman, Helen Gaston, Ruby Whelchel, Melvin Ritchie, Russell Eikenberry and Mr. John L. Dunn, Principal.

Third Row: Marion Mason, Lowell Barnes, Charles Bottorff, Joseph Angell, Charles Overman, Robert Dugger, Melville Shaw, Delbert Bennett, Mrs. Florence Conner (Roll Room Teacher), Frank Brown, Lawrence Stiegelmeyer, Cecil Friend and Orion Finley.

Fourth Row: Charles Gossett, William Chandler, Joseph Petraits, William Svendsen, Garvin Wampler, Louis Bernhardt and Harry Hobbs.

This was an equally-matched class of students - -twenty-two girls and twenty-two boys.

Vianna Duncan is my aunt

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