Decatur, Indiana High School Class of 1922

Decatur, Indiana High School Class of 1922

The Class of 1922 photographed when they were juniors in 1921.

In the class (and probably in the photograph): Veronica Anker, Mabell Bess, Gregg Ball, Arthur Breiner, Esther Burkett, Blossom Burkhart, Melvina Butler, Gladys Butler, Margaret Christen, Catherine Christen, Gerald Cole, Germaine Christen, Harry Christy, Dorothy Durkin, Geraldine Everett, Herbert Foreman, Myron Frank, Gladys Goldner, Gretchen Graham, Lois Hammond, Glenn Hill, Leona Hunsicker, Alton Hower, John Kiess, Fred Kienzle, Lawson Lenhart, Mildred Liddy, Mildred Leonard, Genevieve Lichensteiger, Marie Lichensteiger, Lawrence Linn, Christian Macy, Margaret Moran, Nellia McGrath, Esther McIntosh, Clarence Miller, Glenn Patterson, Lois Peterson, Mildred Railing, Mary Rinehart, Mary Suttles, Helen Swearinger, Winifred Smith, Othmar Smith, Auburn Thomas, Lester Wright, Alfred Beavers, Margaret Kienzle, Beatrice Peterson, Ruth Stalter, Albert Cramer, Charles Fike, Walter Lister, Harry Yahne

David Hensley, who left during the junior year, may (or may not) be in the photograph.

Photo from the 1921 Ravelings Yearbook of Decatur High School

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