Clinton, IN High School Blue Triangle Club 1925

Clinton, IN High School Blue Triangle Club 1925

In the club (and probably in the photograph): Orela Amati, Virginia Brown, Catherine Basso, Thelma Clark, Lucille Carbon, Lovilla Dunn, Ruth Davis, Mary Davidson, Urcle Daniel, Ellen Dowdell, George Campbell, Esther Forte, Louise Hayek, Millicent Holt, Martha Hays, Thelma Hall, Opal Hamilton, Mary Hays, Genevieve Helm, Agnes Gardiner, Vera Jones, Lena Jones, Helen Kelsheimer, Taimi Lahti, Agnes Llewellyn, Lorraine Lewis, Amelia Lippis, Imogene McDaniel, Lorraine Miller, Ethel Nicholson, Dorothy Poor, Violet Pierce, Martha Pierce, Leona Reeve, Josephine Raynes, Evelyn Rice, Fannie Rosen, Minnie Russell, Alice Stevely, Sylvia Sheeley, Leah Strickler, Leafa Strickler, Bonnie Strain, Florence Satterlee, Freda Sharp, Anna Mildred Smith, Mable Stoddard, Josephine Vietti, Mary Louise Whitcomb, Mary Wisniewiski, Jean Wilkie, Helen Warren, Katherine F. White, Clara Walker, Mary Wiike, Edris James

Photo from the 1925 "Old Gold and Black" Yearbook of Clinton High School.

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