Crawfordsville, IN High School 1935 Football Team

Crawfordsville, IN High School 1935 Football Team

Back row: Robert Brown - Assistant Manager, Jack Bushong - Manager, Edward Morris, Robert Delp, Ed Ross, Bob Campbell, Donald Surface, William Surface, Lowell Friend, Keith Cook, Jack Lemon, Ernest Kelly

Third row: Ray Means - Assistant, Jim Sheldon, Ned Scott, Edward Campbell, Leslie Smith, David Thompson, John Ade, Ned Rickett, Archie Taylor, Charles McIntyre, Clay Hedges, Ross Hahn, Coach Carl O. DeBard, Jimmy Dye, Assistant Coach H. T. McCullough, Charles Linn

Second row: Charles White, Charles Lookabill, Robert Stafford, Luther Smith, Melvin Priest, James Sabens, Joe Hartley, Rex Linn, Claude Dickman, Robert Smith

Front row: Billy Jack - Assistant Manager, Don Hartley, Richard Ristine, Robert Macherey, Harvey Caldwell, Paul Frees, Don Kendall, Wayne Thompson, Richard McGaughey

Photo from the 1936 Athenian Yearbook of Crawfordsville High School

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