Butler High School, Butler, Indiana Freshman Class 1925

Butler High School, Butler, Indiana Freshman Class 1925

The future class of 1928.

Front row: Majel Knox, Mable Porter, Marcelle Smith, Golda Loomis, Wava Robinson, Ruth Noragon, Virginia Stone, Lucile Hamman, Velda Huntington, Audrey Garbrie, Leora Yarlot.

Second row: Russel Grogg, Wanda McClellan, Bessie May Snyder, Donna Higley, Maxine Nearpass, Louise Piffer, Pauline Deck, Amber Fee, Vara Fifer, Gertrude Rosenbery, Redina Richmond

Third row: Ureyl Dever, Drayton Loomis, Loren Spake, Walter Mountz, Paul Oberlin, Charles Herman, Wilda Christoffel, Aletha Mavis, Vernetha Hemenway, Stella Sprow

Fourth row: Howard Dean, Harold Gingrich, Kermit Miser, John Campbell, Paul Kissinger, Robert King, Randall Grogg, Robert Hablawetz, Russel Shoup, Raymond Wise.

Back row: Harold Milliman, Roland Hollinger, Robert Poffenberger, John Haverstock, Robert Cather, Russell Lyons, Donald Blaker, Homer Firestone, Elmer Snyder, Dale Loomis

Photo from the 1925 Tropaeum yearbook Butler High School, Butler, IN

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