Fort Branch, IN High School 7th and 8th Graders in 1940

Fort Branch, IN High School 7th and 8th Graders in 1940

Front row, from left to right are Stanley Roberts, Ralph Kirby, Everett Hale, Odis Martin, William Woolston, George Thompson, Nolan Swader, Kenneth Cain, Davie Chaille, Leo Anslinger.

Second row, Lavera Cobb, Nola Martin, Mary Edna Lee, Virginia Lee Kelly, Ella Dorsam, Patricia Blythe, Evelyn DeLong, Betty Wilhite, Norma Lee Houchins, Anna Gail Knight, Dorothy Mason, Agnes Cobb, Mary Ann Devault, Betty Westerman, Dixie Borders, Joan Lewis, Bernice Sollman, Martha Brooner, Bonnie Montgomery.

Third row, Virginia Kessell, Lethel Poole, Maxine Cain, Patricia Lefler, Kathryn Hancock, Anna Merle Dill, Joyce Stone, Mary Iola Rohl, Carrie Fern Kelly, Charlestine Mason, Betty Rose Smith, Ina Mae Strohm, Kathryn Blum, Mary Jean Sollman, Janice Thompson, Sarabel Mounts, Sarah Imogene Douglas, Mayella Sides, Barbara Mounts, Doris Sollman, Louise Robinson, Maxine Buck.

Back row: Marvin Harmon, Wallace Reed, Eugene Wallace, Clarence Utley, Samuel McKean Jr, Lawrence Callis, Richard Lefler, Leroy Bawel, Jerald Showers, Kenneth Jenkins, Jack Poole, Carl Wallace, Lawrence Kruse, Junior Gaddis, Eugene Robinson

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