Arnold family reunion in Keota, Iowa - 1900

Arnold family reunion in Keota, Iowa - 1900

John Jackson Arnold and Mary Brobeck Arnold's family in Keota, Iowa - 1900

RE: Iowa Arnold families

Does anyone know the ancestry of this pictured family of John Jackson Arnold? I too have an Arnold family/clan from Iowa which traces back to John Arnold (1589), founder of Hartford, CT. My line of Arnolds are not connected to the Rhode Island/Benedict Arnold lines (as per date. Could our Arnold families be connected?

Arnold Ancestry

This line only goes back to Peter Arnold and Rosanna Siebert Arnold, who were John Jackson Arnold's parents. Peter was born 1797 in Pennsylvania and died in 1876. Rosanna was born in 1803 and died 1873. If you can connect Peter to other Arnolds, I would appreciate it.

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Kirk Sellman

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