Toledo, IA High School Class of 1915

Toledo, IA High School Class of 1915

Class of 1915 photographed when they were sophomores in 1913.

Back Row: Gertrude Yount, Hollis Sels, Irene Lamb, Maude Baldwin, Otis Budlong, Alec Slessor, Mary Robson, Ralph Butcher

Middle Row: Royal Stratton, Nora Muirhead, Iva Yount, Dorothy Wolcott, John Kepler, Mae Mitchell, Freda Mahnke, Mabel Crossman, Leslie Haynes

Front Row: Eva Smith, Mabel Westfall, Ralph Child, Gladys Shannon, Glenn Marken, Kathleen Smith, Beth Dann

Photo from the 1913 Orange and Black Yearbook of Toledo High School

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