Colo High School Basketball Team, Colo, Iowa 1907

Colo High School Basketball Team, Colo, Iowa 1907

Colo High School, Colo, Story County, Iowa 1907 basketball team.

First row: Edgar Eastman, Glenn Rinehart, Prof. Morrison, Hugh Hostetter, ____ Kelley.

Second row: Leo Croker, Ora Brouhard, ____ Kelley, George Johnson, Dr. Hartwell and Grant Ginter.

Ora Brouhard and Glenn Rinehart were uncle and nephew.

Glenn's mother, Ica Brouhard Rinehart was the oldest sister of Ora Brouhard. She was 18 years older than Ora and he was only about four years older than her son, Glenn.

Hugh Hostetter was the son of the town doctor - Dr. John I. Hostetter. Doc Hostetter delivered most of the babies in Colo, Iowa for about 50 years and served as coroner for most of the last quarter of the 19th century. He was much loved and respected in the town.

Submitted by Diane Eileen Davis Simpson, granddaughter of Ora Brouhard, and second cousin of Glenn Rinehart

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