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William Bixby Family

William Bixby Family

William Bixby Family of Corning, Adams County, Iowa, photographed abt 1905.

From left to right:
Minnie Frances Bixby born July 17, 1882 in Corning
John W Bixby born Jan 23, 1852 in Chelsea, Vermont
Charles Raymond Bixby born Feb 7, 1894 in Corning
Hazel Emmajean Bixby born Sept 5, 1884 in Corning
Frances Ida Pearce born July 7, 1853 in Catterogas County, New York
John Harrison Bixby born Nov 23, 1897 in Corning
Minnie Frances Bixby married William Daniel Suydam on June 22, 1910 Corning, Adams County, Iowa.

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