Manchester, IA High School Class of 1927

Manchester, IA High School Class of 1927

Top Row: Burlage, R Clark, Gibson, H. Clark, Goodrich, Larson, Holscher, Dyer, Faust.

Second Row: State, Allyn, Atwater, Mangold, Legg, Heiken, Kelly, Carrothers, Herriott, Retz, White, Farwell, Wenger, Simons, Keiser.

Third Row: Robinson, W. Gearhart, M. Gearhart, Hamlin, Dyer, Paris, Pratt, Porter, Pride.

Fourth Row: Bushnell, Zehr, M. Yoran, Cocking, Boss, Margaret Yoran, Meader, G. Wenger, Brown, Aldrich, Smith.

Fifth Row: Davis, Dawson, S. Wenger, A. Smith, Kewney, Young, Hooshagen, Hoag, Houston, Stimson, Barre, Haigh, Lane.

Absent and not in the photograph: J. Barry, Bawden.

Photo from the 1927 yearbook of Manchester High School

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