Holstein, Iowa School Seventh Graders 1927

Holstein, Iowa School Seventh Graders 1927

The Class of 1932 when they were seventh graders.

First row: E. Bochmann D,. Hunt, H. Roehlk, D. Carnes, M. Hansen, J. Putnam

Second row: W. Jackes, K. McCrea, L. Hansen, M. Agnew, E. Kuchel, A. Wiese

Third row: O. Barnard, R. Munz, B. Buckley, D. Ehrp, N. Satin, D. Borehert

Back row: C. Wood, M. Watts, L. Schmoldt, K. Miller, E. Indorf, F. Wilcke, B. Bumann

Photo from the 1927 Moo Yearbook of Holstein High School.

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