Keokuk, Iowa High School Class of 1916

Keokuk, Iowa High School Class of 1916

In the class (and probably in the photograph): Madison G. Sterne - president, Virginia Dunlap - vice president, June Stafford - secretary, Marshall N. Fulton - treasurer and class song, Dan A. McQuoid, Foster G. McGaw, Alice Hinkley, Gertrude Weber, Thomas F. Gray, Hazel Akerson, Bernard Davidson, Lulu Arnold, Ruth Bivin, Helen Auld, Robert Dillon, Verna Beaman, Pearl Frazier, Gladys Guiss, Kathryn Haubert, Mary Harrison, Ellen Hortung, Wayne Hancock, Iner Lantz, Ralph Laubersheimer, Coral Meador, Mae Bonney, Gregory Meador, May Morris, George Opstelton, Lois Stevens, Helen Wolfe, Howard Wygle, Josephine Whitemarsh, Ralph Wright, Loyd Wright, Helen Woolley, Miriam Westcott, Elizabeth Lang, Joseph Le Faivre, Hazel Jester, William Reimbold.

Photo from the 1916 Comment, yearbook of Keokuk High School.

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