Isaac Taylor, Sr. and Dillia Weinberger Taylor


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Plate glass photo negatives of Jackson County circa late !(th ce

About a year ago i had a friend bring me some glass negatives one of wich was a state capitol. I soon found that it was Iowa and since then have identified most of the landmarks as being in Jackson county or across the river in Missouri.I know its bad but after almost a year I still hadnt gone through all of them and she has now just given them to me so I put them in a closet and they have sat.

Yesterday me and my kids went through all of them thoroughly and noticed some form of diploma on the wall behind two women that look rather well to do for the time as I noticed the style of dress and the candelabras on the wall. My daughter was able to read the name on it as Isaac James Taylor and since yesterday I have learned that James Taylors Grandpa lived in Jackson Co. and was a doctor I believe. They are negatives so it is hard to tell but they are younger than they are in the pic you have posted so it would be about the right time and his wife looks alot like one of the ladies in the plate I have. Also I have another plate of a woman where someone wrote the name Ola Judson right underneath her and the handwriting looks exactly the same! Im really excited but seem to have hit a wall, at least for now so if anyone can help it would be great.In return I will gladly figure a way for them to get copies of all the plates I have. There is about a 150 alltogether and alot of them are also early 20th century somewhere in the west with pine trees. I would like to have help with those to as some of these cavalrymen are in and around mining camps and taking pics in front of fifteen feet in diameter Ponderosas so I know they are west of the Rockies. Really cool pics for sure.

Posted by Taylor (not verified) on 12 November 2012 - 3:56pm