Washburn High School, Topeka, Kansas Class of 1922

Washburn High School, Topeka, Kansas Class of 1922

Class of 1922 photographed when they were sophomores in 1920.

In the class (and probably in the photograph): Gladys Eddy, Bob Baker, Mamie Robinette, Dayton McMarlin, Gladys Tayler, Albert Gilleece, Doris Engholm, Ralph Zentner, Fern Stimits, Swede Carlson, Mary Harrison, Harold Mischke, Mabel Bronson, Raymond Renolds, Mildred Young, Tom Mackey, Glenna McKee, Phillip Miller, Pauline Norton, Theodessa Revely, Johnny Bingham, Willa Maxwell, Ruth Holliday, Mary Todd, Dwight Eells, Augusta Sterling, Gaylord Martin, Mildred Goodin, Bert McAllister, Margaret Boggs

Photo from the 1920 "Bluey" Yearbook of Washburn High School

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