Mankato High School, Mankato, Kansas Class of 1920

Mankato High School, Mankato, Kansas Class of 1920

Class of 1920 when they were freshmen in 1917.

Class roster: John Metz - president, Ruth Stafford - vice president, secretary and treasurer, Gertrude Applebee, Neva Ayers, Nettie Bard, Burr Blaylock, Margaret Bradford, Adlee Broyles, Walton Davenport, Orville Gaston, Frank Hughes, Merlin Johnson, Addie Hollingshead, Marcelle Lynn, John Metz, Zeta Moyer, Newell Park, Helen Raynolds, Constance Russell, Sylvia Rose, Harvey Templin, Marie White, Osie Andrews, Glen Ballard, Herman Berg, Dora Blaylock, Fern Brown, Leta Compton, Hester Dresslar, Bruce Gimple, George Isaac, Phillis Jones, Vinna Keibler, Marion Masters, Agnes Moody, Russell Park, Flossie Pierce, Myrtle Ridge, Ethel Runyon, Murray Smith, Sterling Staggs, Gladys Temple, Beulah Winkler

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