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Henry C. Dreher, Jr. - ca. abt. 1925

Henry C. Dreher, Jr. - ca. abt. 1925

Henry was a scholar. He studied everything he could get his hands on. And when he couldn't find anything new to study, he studied the Scriptures.
A man who often could not sleep, Henry could be found many early morning hours sitting in his big rocking chair by the table studying the Holy Scriptures.
I love this photo of him, as it shows him as he was often found, with something to read in his hands.
Henry was also a master carpenter. Many beautiful works of his skills are owned by his family today.
Henry [1902-1977] was the son of Henry C. Dreher, Sr. and Josephine Sophie Benzel. He married Irene Banet [1906-1989] in 1923. The couple had five children.
This portrait was probably done in Kentucky.

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