Brown Family Swimming - Columbus, KY

Brown Family Swimming - Columbus, KY

This is a photo of a swimming area or a baptism
The photo has the following people labeled:

Aunt Hallie Brown, daughter of James Marian Brown and Susan Frances Haydon
She was born 21 Apr 1866 in KY and died 14 Nov 1946 in Arlington, Carlisle County, KY
She married Thomas Jefferson Webb of Hickman Co., KY who was born on 11 Feb 1862 and died 22 May 1925
She was mother of Eddie Webb, Beulah Webb, Patsy Webb, Vester Webb, Ruby Webb, and Addie Webb some of whom may be pictured

Aunt Mabel we assume Mabel Brown but we are not sure who she is

Ollie is Ollie Pearl Brown (later Gerdes) daughter of Oscar Tolbert Brown and Dosha Warren

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