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Martha Jo McCart: Mother at twelve

Martha Jo McCart: Mother at twelve

Girl Doesn't See Reason for Fuss, Just Because She's Mother at 12

Down in Louisiana Martha Jo McCart can't understand why the rest of the world, or so it seems to her, is making all the fuss about her being a mother. Sure, she's 12 years old, but her sister Mrs. Kermit Hunter had her first baby at 14, and another sister, Mrs Marly lee Phillips had a baby when she was 16. Mrs Phillips went on from there to have eight more children. So what's peculiar about having a baby when you're 12? Martha Jo asks.
Martha Jo's husband is 20, and the baby's name is William Wiley McCart jr. They live with her husbands parents in the Fairview Alpha community near Coushatta, in Northwest Louisiana.
On the male side of Martha Jo's family weddings are fairly early too, though not so early as on the female side. Emmet McCart, William's brother took a wife at 17, and another brother Hansel at 15. When Hansel was 17 he was married to his second wife. A third brother Cleveland McCart, was an old bachelor of 19 before he wed.

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